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Wellness Boutique Toronto

  • Sustainable Fashion Brands: What it means to practise Slow Fashion

    If you are wondering what does Slow Fashion mean? Or how to make your clothing last longer? You are being a responsible consumer. Here we will talk about Sustainable fashion brands and what it means to practise slow fashion.
  • Holiday Shopping

    Tis' that time of year! When everyone needs a new outfit for every single party they are invited to. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Instead, book a closet...
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

    This collection was created by turning the negative comments people say about my brand into content. After doing an interview on the news, people h...
  • Manufacturing in Canada

    “ Manufacturing in Canada is soo Expensive.” Yupp. It is insane how expensive it is to manufacture in Canada, compared to other countries. I choose...
  • Challenges and Perks

    "I have done everything from hand sewing the garments myself, to using home sewers, to manufacturing. Each one has had its own set of challenges an...
  • Cassandra Elizabeth, A Wellness Boutique

    The truth behind opening a brick and mortar.