Breast Cancer Awareness

In 2017, on average, 72 Canadian women were diagnosed with breast cancer every day. 

Two years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She made the decision to have a double mastectomy. Before the surgery, she was told where to go to get fitted for a post mastectomy bra. She was also told where to go to get prostheses. Where are the options to not wear a bra and just be comfortable in your new body? 

When she was in the hospital, recovering from surgery, she had to wear the hospital gowns. After a double mastectomy, it is very painful to reach over head or around to the back. I made her a robe to wear in the hospital that was in soft, comfortable fabric that tied in the front. She was so happy with the robe, she wore it after, while she was home and recovering. This made me think, how can I better this design? 

I started to research post mastectomy brands that catered to women that did not want to wear a prosthesis. Turns out, this is extremely rare in Canada! Amoena is the largest Canadian brand catering to post mastectomy, and they are the ones that the doctor's office recommended to my mother before her surgery. Women are told before they have the operation where to buy bras and prosthesis, so they can feel "back to themselves" immediately after. Why can’t women embrace their new bodies and feel confident as they are? 

I have launched a kickstarter campaign. By backing this campaign, you are bringing comfort and confidence to women immediately after surgery. 

Click here to view the Kickstarter Campaign

I will make two designs to provide breast cancer survivors with the option to feel comfortable and confident. I will make one robe for immediately after the surgery and a tank in bamboo fabric for months after the operation.

With the funding, I will be making samples of these two designs. I have circulated a survey for breast cancer patients to fill out. You can find the surveys here;

Pre Surgery -
Post Surgery -

I will be giving those women that answered the survey a sample of both designs to wear and try, and provide feedback. If they do not love the design, I will keep perfecting it until they do. This could add a few months to the overall timeline each time I need to redesign. Once I perfect the designs, I will take them, plus the feedback to hospitals, where I will sell them. This will happen over the next 6 months - 1 year.