Personal Shopping $80/hr

You want the deals but don't know where to look? I will make it very easy, and find them for you! 

What if you cannot join me shopping? No need to take time off work, I will source the perfect pieces to fit into your current wardrobe.

Before this happens, we will sit down and discuss your budget, lifestyle and desired look. We will also make sure you are confident knowing what I am shopping for and that those pieces will achieve your personal style goal.

What if items don't work for you? Do not worry; let me handle the return/exchange. 

Closet Clean Out $120/hr

Need a new wardrobe without spending the money for one? Closet Clean Out is for you!

During a session, I will individually go through your clothing, deciding what should be kept, altered or donated. 

  • From the items that should be kept, I will create outfits that fit into your specific lifestyle. 
  • Anything that needs to be altered to ensure you wear it again, I will take with me and alter myself. 
  • Anything that can be donated, I will take with me to my studio. I will reuse the materials to design new, recycled garments, to be sold again. Please read more about my Recycle It! program from the services drop down menu. 

If requested, I will bring my collection, available for purchase at the time of the session. We can choose the staple pieces that are lacking in your closet. 

This service will be $120/hour + alteration fees (if necessary)

I will also include a complementary online lookbook, outlining the outfits I have put together for you. This book will be emailed to you, 1 week after the appointment. 

For more information or to book an appointment, please email;