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Do you sell men's or women's clothing?

As a sustainable fashion brand, we create garments for everyone. This means our clothing is completely unisex. We are committed to being ageless, seasonless and genderless. 

Who is this clothing for?

Our clothing is made for those who care about what they put on and in their bodies. Ethically made, here in Toronto, CE in made of sustainable fabrics ensuring that you can lounge, workout, sleep and work in our garments.

Is this clothing too casual for work?

My favourite part of designing CE is seeing how different people incorporate it into their existing wardrobes and put their own spin on it. If you like to dress up, pair the Hazelton with accessories and a belt, or the Bayview Pant with a pair of heels and the Jarvis Jacket. If you are looking for comfortable and sustainable workout clothing, the Crew Neck T Shirt is made of bamboo so it is naturally breathable and moisture wicking. Perfect for running around. All our clothing can be washed in the washing machine, and hang to dry. Tip? Hang to dry any clothing you care about. The heat is what takes away its lifespan. 

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. Please see more about our return policy here, 


What fabrics do you use?

We use natural and sustainable fabrics to create all of our garments. Please read about the fabrics we use here, 


How does the clothing fit?

Our garments are typically on the looser side. As the designer, I made these garments with a loose, street style aesthetic in mind. A tip? You can never go too big. going up a size will just add to the oversized design I was going for! Take a look at how others are styling our clothing on the instagram page, 


Do you also provide styling services?

Yes I do! You can see more about the services I offer here;


How do I contact CE?

You can visit us at our showroom at 1122 College Street in Toronto, or if you would like, you can contact us here, 


Do you have a store front?

Yes. Our store front is located in Toronto, on the corner of Dufferin and College Street. See the map here, 




Why is eco friendly clothing important?

Why buy eco friendly clothing?

What does sustainability mean?