Holiday Shopping

Tis' that time of year! When everyone needs a new outfit for every single party they are invited to. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Instead, book a closet edit with me. 

I totally understand the want to have a fresh look for every event, but sometimes all you need is fresh eyes on your existing wardrobe. 

During a session, I will individually go through your clothing, deciding what should be kept, altered or donated. 

  • From the items that should be kept, I will create outfits that fit into your specific lifestyle. 
  • Anything that needs to be altered to ensure you wear it again, I will take with me and alter myself. 
  • Anything that can be donated, I will take with me to my studio. I will reuse the materials to design new, recycled garments, to be sold again.

Check out the Closet Edit section on the website HERE

I also find myself wearing the same clothing, the same ways often, so if you are reading this, you're not alone, and also... you're welcome to come do my edit :) 

Shop local. Get years of wear. Donate to a friend. 

<3 Cass


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