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Cassandra Elizabeth

Our purpose is to bring more respnsible options to Canada. We use the scrap fabric from prodution to create upcycled items. Shop our accessories to see what we're making.

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We understand that everyday essentials in your wardrobe can differ depending on where you live. Our collections reflect what we beleive that city views as a basic staple. Stay tuned... maybe your city is next!

Wordrobe consulting

Style consultation

Wardrobe edit

Personal shopping

Colour consultation

Closet organization

Suggested items for your wardrobe

Suggested "keep", "alter" and "donate" piles

Tips and tricks on how to shop sustainably

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Closet organization

All items from the style consultation

New outfits created from your existing wardrobe

Suggested items to add to elevate your look

A digital lookbook of all your current outfits as well as a list of suggested items to add over time.

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One on one consultation

Special event shopping

Personal shopping based on what was discussed in the wardrobe edit.

Shopping for those too busy or uninterested in the shpping experience

Options brought to you, to try in the comfort of your own home.

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