During a style consultation, we will go over your biggest obstacles standing between you and your personal style. These can be anything from, not knowing what colours work for you, to wanting an entirely new look.

We will do a colour analysis to determine what your personal colour palatte is. Then, we can explore what your style will be going forward based on what makes sense for your day to day life.

  • You are constantly told " you look tired"
  • You feel your wardrobe does not reflect your style
  • You have started a new career/passion
  • There is a new change in your life and your clothing no longer works


During a closet edit, clothing will be taken out of your closet and organized into different categories. Items that no longer fit with your style will be either donated or altered. All items that you are keeping will be organized and put back in a way that makes sense for you.

Once your closet is organized, I will style outfits using your existing wardrobe to help get you re-inspired about what you already own

A digital look book will be Emailed to you after your appointment. This look book will have all your new outfits we created as well as a wish list of items you are missing from your wardrobe. You will end the appointment with a fully organized closet that fits your personal style.

  • You feel you have absolutely nothing to wear
  • You are bored of everything you own
  • You have items you have not worn in years
  • You wear the same 10 items in your closetYou need space


Do you always feel like you have no idea what to pack for trips? Trip preparation is offered to those who have a trip coming up and need help making the right decisions about what to bring.

During a trip preparation appointment, you will FINALLY feel ready and excited about your upcoming trip and gain clarity on exactly what your outfits will be/when you will wear them. Removing the stress of "what to wear?" from your daily routine will help you focus on what's really important.

  • You have a trip coming up but you always leave packing to the last minute
  • You know what you need, but always overpack
  • You have many different events to attend but want to keep the packing minimal
  • You find packing and planning your outfits overwhelming


Let's go shopping! 

You have done a closet edit either with me, or on your own, and you feel it's time to fill in the gaps. We will book a 2 hour shopping session wherever is convenient for you and find the items missing from your wardrobe in order to elevate your personal style and achieve the image you've been looking for.

  • You have completed a wardrobe edit with Cassandra and need to fill in the gaps.
  • You feel your wardrobe does not reflect your style
  • You want to add a few key pieces to your existing wardrobe to help elevate your style.
  •  You get overwhelmed and distracted when it comes time to shop.


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