Hire a Personal Stylist

Cassandra Burrell | 21 June, 2023

            Hire a Personal Stylist

During a style consultation, we will go over your biggest obstacles standing between you and your personal style. These can be anything from, not knowing what colours work for you, to wanting an entirely new look.

This service is for you if...

  • You are constantly told "you look tired"
  • You feel your wardrobe does not reflect your style
  • You have started a new career/passion
  • There is a new change in your life and your clothing no longer works

We will do a colour analysis to determine what your personal colour palatte is. Then, we can explore what your style will be going forward based on what makes sense for your day to day life.

If Personal Styling is not exactly what you're looking for, have a look at the other services we provide here; 


From personalized lookbooks to packing for your upcoming business trip, Cassandra Elizabeth has you covered. 

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