The Loudest Trend of 2024 - Quiet Luxury

Cassandra Burrell | 30 January, 2024

            The Loudest Trend of 2024 - Quiet Luxury

Let’s talk elevated classics, also known as “quiet luxury”. Everyday more and more consumers are embracing the simplicity of good quality basics and investing in pieces that will last the test of time. Forever wearable, timeless pieces with no visible logos is taking minimalism to the next level and starting a new era of luxury. Although ‘quiet luxury’ is trending, minimalism is nothing new. For decades, luxury brands like Channel have been focusing on a recognizable aesthetic without logos and brands like The Row, Max Mara and Celine have paved the way for this “non-trend trend” to take the spotlight while many more brands are taking notice and jumping on board.


Quiet luxury is difficult to describe because it is not only a style but also a state of mind. Wearing elevated basics that are timeless is a mindset shift rather than a style. The idea of ‘quiet luxury’ or ‘old money aesthetic’ is to invest in minimalist pieces of the highest quality. From hand crafted fabrics to suits tailored to perfection, the style is meant to give you confidence without being a walking billboard for brands. This trend is a direct reflection of our financial climate and hopefully a projection of future shopping habits. Items that are meant to be worn for years and fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe are also the items that you will have in twenty years from now that do not feel ‘out of fashion’.


When a trend hits the market, fast fashion brands jump on board, promoting quick turnover and new trends by the week. However, with a style that promotes keeping your clothing for years, this “trend” is here to stay. Consumers don’t feel like they need to continuously buy, and emerging brands have opportunities to grab some spotlight from major fast fashion companies. This new style is presenting a massive marketing strategy for brands to become more sustainable, focusing on quality over quantity as well as an opportunity for any brand to introduce more basics into their lines. Of course loosing the 52 seasons a year and focusing on a seasonless wardrobe will be more appealing to some brands than others, but mostly beneficial to the consumers and their wallets. Investing in beautifully made fabrics in a neutral colour palette is a great way to start if you’re looking to embrace this new way of dressing. Think classic, logo free fashion and you can’t go wrong.


Consumers embracing this look so far are typically ones that stay on top of what’s in fashion now. Historically, this way of dressing was popular in European Countries like Italy and France, however wth the rise of Social media it’s now found globally and used as a way to feel confident and luxurious without a brand name splattered across your chest. Social media seems to accelerate major topics quickly, so it’s only fitting that with the rise of sustainability comes a style that promotes quality over quantity. ‘Stealth Wealth’, ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ and ‘Quiet luxury’ have quickly become top searches on social platforms like Tok Tok.


Millennials and Gen Z have had a few years of practice the it comes to minimal dressing style so it’s no surprise that they seem to be the demographic leading the shift. We will see anything from a beautiful Max Mara coat with a pair of thrifted jeans to a very clean Brunello Cucinelli suit, tailored to perfection. What the general public has come to realize is that putting your own spin on elevated basics seems to be a lot easier, and a lot more fun than keeping up with the weekly changing trends.

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