Genderless Fashion in Toronto

Cassandra Burrell | 02 February, 2022

Find Genderless Outfits That Are Right for You

Do away with the outdated ideals of shopping, and embrace Cassandra Elizabeth’s newgenderless clothing selection in Canada. Thisgender-neutral clothingcollection eliminates the need to think about the binary rules of who should wear what, giving you the freedom to choose the clothing that’s perfect for you. 

Cassandra Elizabeth lets you choose from a wide array ofgenderless outfits from tees and pants to jackets and hoodies. Unlike othergenderless clothing brands, our store also has the added benefit of using highly sustainable fabrics like cotton, hemp, lyocell, and bamboo. 

Shoppers no longer have to wish that a men’s clothing item was available in women’s sizing or vice versa. You can choose to wear whatever you want, regardless of whether they fit into the stereotypical ideals of masculine or feminine.

In addition to being gender-neutral, Cassandra Elizabeth is also ageless and seasonless. We pride ourselves in our decision to not conform to the trends of fast fashion. Our designs are made to last and be worn no matter the season and your age. Whether you’re looking for comfortable loungewear or eye-catching streetwear, our brand of clothing styles has it all for you!

At Cassandra Elizabeth, you can shop how and what you want to shop with our carefully designed selections. Our designs allow you to express your individuality while instilling the concepts of inclusivity and diversity. 

The Rise of Genderless Fashion

“Genderless” or “unisex” has become buzzwords in today’s fashion industry and have become more popular thanks to various celebrities and fashion designers. Gender-fluid dressing is slowly making its way into mainstream fashion as the trend makes itself known to the major fashion capitals in the world. People of all genders and ages are breaking conventional ideals in terms of what they choose to wear.

The idea of gender binary clothing has been the main standard for as long as fashion has existed. Fashion has worked under the assumption that clothes follow an established set of rules that separate menswear from womenswear. However, the obvious fact is that a piece of fabric or clothing has no gender. Fortunately, many of those within the industry have begun to rectify this system and are now promoting gender-fluid fashion.

With the brands casting male models in dresses (a la Harry Styles) and female models in suits, the idea of genderless clothing has risen in popularity. 

Why ChooseGenderless Clothing Stores


Push back against the obsolete rules of gender stereotypes by choosing unisex or androgynous fashion. 

Cassandra Elizabeth is aToronto-based genderless clothing store that offers a wide variety of unisex tops, bottoms, jackets, and tunics. We are redefining the idea of men’s and women’s clothing so that you can stay true to your individual fashion sense. 

Make a statement no matter where you go with stand-out streetwear or stay cozy with relaxing loungewear that’s just for you. Browse through our online catalogue and choose from our wide selection of unisex outfits.

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