Manufacturing in Canada

Cassandra Burrell | 22 November, 2019

“ Manufacturing in Canada is soo Expensive.”

Yupp. It is insane how expensive it is to manufacture in Canada, compared to other countries. I choose to manufacture here in Toronto, because I can see how everything is being made. I can drop into the factories and see how employees are treated, and what the working conditions are. This is important to me, and therefore, I need to use a factory near by.

HOWEVER, if I had the funds to travel outside of Canada to use manufacturers overseas or even in the states, I absolutely would. The only reason I have not made the switch yet is simply because I can not afford to. Not only would I need to travel there often ( and do surprise drop ins ) I would also need to sell more. Most places have higher minimum quantities outside of Canada. 

I used to think that “Made in Canada” looked good when selling to other shops in this country. There are lots of absolutely amazing boutiques that promote local businesses in Canada, but to be totally honest, there are only a handful I have found that are interested in new designers. I have been wholesaling my line for a few years now, and if every single boutique who claimed to buy only local/support only Canadian designers would actually support me, then I may consider staying local with production. I am trying my hardest to sell to only boutiques that sell local, but if its not making me money, it is time to move on!

With that being said, US, here I come! I will be looking to expand to the states next year, and I welcome any ethical opportunity that comes my way.

Shop local. Get years of wear. Donate to a friend. 

<3 Cass

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