Cassandra Elizabeth, A Wellness Boutique

Cassandra Burrell | 15 June, 2016

"It must be nice", "Do you even work?", "I wish I could just live the dream". 

These are all things I hear almost every single day. I think what people are really trying to say is "How did you do it?" or "Is this something I could do too?". At least thats what I hope they mean! Starting a business is hard, but making strides in your business? It's sometimes a nightmare for your personal life. One thing I have learned since opening a boutique is, you learn who is there for you. 

Cassandra Elizabeth, A Wellness Boutique is now open at 1122 College Street in Toronto. The advice I would give someone who wants to open a shop? Have a lot of cash flow, and 1 or 2 ride or dies. This has been a very lonely experience WITH a couple people by my side, I don't know how people do it alone. 

....back to the cash flow. HAVE IT! It's important. It may seem silly to say now, but I really wish someone would have told me you can not start a clothing line with a 10 000 loan. I have done everything from hand sewing the garments myself, to using home sewers, to manufacturing. Each one has had its own set of challenges and perks. Find out more, next time. <3 

For now, this is CE, in it's raw form. Follow along if you want to hear about what goes on behind the scenes. 





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